Introducing Clear Office

The .NET spreadsheet



Clear Office's Framework is a set of components for building Office applications on the .NET platform. (That's how we came up with the name: Clear (CLR) Office.) With the Office Framework, .NET developers can open, edit and save Office 12 documents without relying on Microsoft Office.

Key benefits

Pure .NET

The Office framework is completely written in .NET. It does not contain any COM or C code.This means increased security, reliability and performance.

Microsoft Office compatible

The Office Framework uses the standard Microsoft Office 12 file format. Documents created by the Office Framework can be edited with Microsoft Office. Conversely, documents created in Microsoft Office may be edited with the Office Framework.

No runtime fee

Developers can integrate the Office Framework into their application without relying on Microsoft Office being installed on the client machine. There is no cumbersome runtime license to install and manage.

Complete control and flexibility 

The Office Framework is designed in a modular fashion. It is deployed as a set of .NET assemblies. Each assembly is compact - typically around 100K and serves a specific purpose. You can use the whole framework or only the parts that are relevant to you application.